Charcoal catering barbecue

Barbecues and asados

Flavours, sharing and conviviality
What could be more festive and convivial than taking advantage of summer to share a meal outdoors? And what if we told you that cooking could also be done outside, in the midst of your guests?

Classic barbecue

This is what we offer at our summer barbecues, where you can enjoy delicious grilled meats prepared by our chefs, in front of your friends and family or your colleagues. Let them savor this first taste of vacation, accompanied by grilled vegetables and refreshing cocktails.

Beef cuts, lamb chops, homemade sausages, marinated kebabs, chorizos, grilled vegetables, barbecued fish...


Sample menu

Hummus and crudités to munch on
Piquillo goat cheese cake, bell pepper pearls and light blue cheese cream
Semi-cooked duck foie gras with gingerbread and mango chutney
Salmon blinis with gravlaks and Morello cherry cream
Gambas with star anise, fresh mint and ginger

Sirloin of beef
Lemon-marinated chicken skewers
Artisan sausages with knife
Freshly grilled chorizos

Garnishes and salads
Potato, shallot, chive and hard-boiled egg salad
Tomato, mozzarella and basil salad
Melon corollas
Grilled vegetables and peppers
Sauces (chimichurri, mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup)

Ice creams and sorbets
Seasonal fruit salad


Asado: traditional Argentine grills

L'asado is a technique used to cook grilled meats, Argentina's national dish and a moment of relaxed, festive sharing. In addition to its delicacy, we're offering you this dish because it's something our mother, originally from Buenos Aires, taught us as a child. So we wanted to perpetuate this tradition and introduce you to the authentic flavors of this exceptional beef. A gastronomic journey to the heart of our origins.

Empanadas, Argentine beef, mini "choripan", chimichurri sauce, potato salad...