General terms and conditions of sale

These general terms and conditions of sale "T&Cs" apply to all orders for catering services – reception organiser. Any order implies the full and unreserved acceptance of these T&Cs on the part of the customer. The customer acknowledges and accepts that the resale of Vauvy SAS products is prohibited.

Order taking

Orders must be placed at least eight (8) days prior to the desired delivery date. Each order is the subject of a quote defining the services to be carried out by Vauvy SAS. The quotation is valid from the date of issue for a period of sixty (60) days, subject to availability of seasonal products. The order is only definitively registered by Vauvy SAS after receipt of the quote signed by the customer and accompanied by a deposit corresponding to 70% of the total amount of the order, including VAT. If necessary and in accordance with the practices of the profession, the amount of the estimate and the invoice is increased by the amount of the contribution to the operating costs of the equipment, requested by the manager of the reception room. Royalties on literary and artistic property remain the responsibility of the lessee of the reception hall.

Order Modification and Cancellation

Orders are firm, final and not subject to cancellation. However, changes to orders at the customer's request may be taken into account by Vauvy SAS if they are made at least three (3) working days excluding Sundays and public holidays before the date of delivery of the order and if they are made in writing. In any case, the changes are only effective after written acceptance by Vauvy SAS. Additions may, if necessary, result in the establishment of a new quotation which must be accepted by the client. Deletions can only be accepted up to a limit of 10% of the initial order. In the event of unavailability of a product that is the subject of the order, Vauvy SAS may replace it with a product of the same nature and equivalent value. The cancellation of the order by the customer does not give rise to any refund of the deposit paid, which is kept as a lump sum compensation.

Right of withdrawal

The customer who has placed his order remotely is informed that he does not have a right of withdrawal. In accordance with the provisions of Article L 121-20-2 of the French Consumer Code, this right is not available for orders of products, in particular foodstuffs, made according to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalised or which, due to their nature, cannot be reshipped or are likely to deteriorate or expire quickly.

Force majeure

Vauvy SAS may withdraw from its obligations or suspend their performance if it is unable to assume them as a result of a case of force majeure, such as war, riot, demonstration, strike, blockade or traffic difficulty, pandemic, or disaster affecting the facilities of Vauvy SAS.


Orders are delivered at the customer's expense. When delivery is not made by Vauvy SAS, the products travel at the risk of the customer, who is responsible for taking all guarantees vis-à-vis the carrier. If the order does not include services, the order will be handed over to the customer upon signature of the delivery note. Any reservations must be indicated upon delivery and appear on the delivery note.

Terms of payment

The terms of payment by the customer are as follows:

1. Payment of a deposit of 70% of the amount of the order including VAT upon acceptance of the quote,

2. Payment of the balance immediately on the invoice date by cheque or bank transfer. Any amount not paid by the due date mentioned on the invoice shall automatically and without prior notice of default be subject to late payment penalties at a rate equal to three times the legal interest rate per day of delay, to which will be added the costs inherent in this delay. In the event of late payment, Vauvy SAS may suspend all pending orders, without prejudice to any other course of action.


The customer must ensure that the delivery complies with his order. In order to be taken into account, any complaint must be made at the time of delivery and must be mentioned on the delivery note or be the subject of a written notification, to the address of Vauvy SAS mentioned in the quote, at the end of receipt when the order is accompanied by the provision of services. Any billing dispute will only be taken into account within eight (8) days of the invoice date.


The client is solely responsible for any material damage and/or bodily injury, caused by him/herself, his/her attendants and/or his/her guests. In particular, the loss, breakage, deterioration or disappearance of any equipment made available to the customer is the sole responsibility of the latter, as well as the costs of restoring the premises. When a cloakroom is included in the services that are the subject of the order, the delivery of a ticket must be required when the belongings are deposited. Vauvy SAS is not responsible for any loss of the ticket. No cash or valuables will be accepted in the cloakroom.

Protection of personal data

In accordance with the law of 6 January 1978 known as the "Data Protection Act", the customer has the right to access, rectify and oppose his personal data. These rights can be exercised by contacting Vauvy SAS via the internet at the following address:


The law applicable to these T&Cs is French law. In the absence of an amicable settlement, disputes are brought before the Commercial Court of Paris for customers who have the status of trader.

Mandatory information on the origin of beef and veal

The beef and veal served by Vauvy SAS are exclusively of French, Irish, German, Japanese or Argentinian origin.