Buffet catering for weddings

Buffets to share

Simple & Authentic
Buffets filled with hot and cold dishes to share... Now that's an authentic meal! At Vauvy, we like to organize more informal receptions, but just as gourmet and remarkable.

Gather around a good meal

Enjoy a friendly and relaxed moment, during which your guests will be able to come and go throughout the meal, and help themselves as much as they wish from our many dishes.
This format, suitable for both private and professional receptions, lends itself to exchange and discussion by offering the possibility of sitting wherever you want, and changing places for the next course!
This allows your guests to meet and exchange ideas in a warm atmosphere.


Our buffets

Presented in pretty dishes, our buffets consist of an assortment of starters, a set of cold or hot dishes accompanied by side dishes. The meal ends with a buffet of desserts to share.

Following the rhythm of the seasons, we will offer you a selection of dishes to create the harmony of your reception. Our chic and casual buffets are synonymous with generosity and sharing.