Salmon and cucumber cocktail piece

Cocktails réceptions

Entertaining with style
Cocktails are one of the most popular reception formats, thanks to their lively, convivial feel. Our brigade of maîtres d'hôtel serve up a range of sweet and savoury dishes that are easy to enjoy standing up. Its mobile, playful aspect is conducive to conversation and exchange, and adapts perfectly to all types of venue.

For all types of events

Corporate anniversaries, product launches, charity events or study days... There are many reasons to organize an event, and as many formats to choose from. Cocktails - apéritifs, dinatoire or déjeunatoire - are an elegant and efficient way of meeting your culinary needs for these events: product launches, gala evenings, seminars, corporate parties, showrooms and many more. We'll suggest the cocktail pieces and tableware best suited to your event, and accompany it with gastronomic workshops for an even more gourmet experience. 


Our cocktail pieces

From savoury to sweet, we offer a range of fresh, gourmet cocktail pieces, seasonal and easy to eat in a bite, which you can complement with one or more culinary workshops.

Coeur de saumon, the traditional tomato mozzarella, our famous croque-monsieurs, our sweet mignardises

Discover all our cocktail pieces here


Service and tableware

Our experienced brigade of maîtres d'hôtels and chefs will accompany you on the day of your reception to prepare it, and then see to it that your guests are received and served. We offer a selection of tableware, decorations and equipment to dress up your reception venue and enhance our dishes.